Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shifting Sites

So for those of you that follow my humble little blogger blog you might have noticed a decline in posting activity. And this is mainly due to having transported most stuff over to a new website where stories will be updated for the next version of the Going Solo Challenge for me.

This blog will no longer see updates as the new one will in fact take its place but I will leave this up for a while until I have transferred other random things over aside from stories. Like some of the design work that I have done. Once I get motivated enough to do it in the The Sims 4 then I will update on the new site as well.

Another reason for the shift is switching games, after seeing the custom content and modding community had taken off with things to improve the Sims 4 and its gameplay I figured I would give it a try once more. So far I am enjoying it, there are and will always be things I miss about Sims 3 but for now I am pressing on.

Here is a link for the new site, it is still a bit of a work in progress but will features updates for my two new Going Solo challenges. One of which picks up where my last left off, except following the daughter of the founder Peyton Oliander. Hope to see you on the new site and as always...

Happy Simming!