Monday, July 13, 2015

Safekeeping: Ripples in Time

Working for the agency had it perks, at least as far as Alivia was concerned it did. Stellar benefits, great pay and the occasional chance to work from home. All in all it was a sweet opportunity, there were times she often wondered how she had been so lucky. But a quick peek at her accomplishments that had been conviently plastered upon the walls of her modest home put her mind at ease.

All in all life in Oasis Springs seemed to be good, despite the heat of the desert and never ending drought. Things seemed to be going well, at least until the nightmares started. One after another depictions of another life. Sometimes they came in short spurts of what felt like flash backs but these were things she didn't remember doing.

The pieces of the puzzle didn't seem to make sense, nothing was adding up. Was there more to the life she knew? It wasn't until her lunch break at work that things started to come together. Hecter had known Alivia for a few years, he was due to retire soon but the Agency denied him his benefits package. Out of spite he spoke to Alivia, showing her some pictures he'd found of her. The images matched up to the dreams she'd been having.

"That's....Hector what does this all mean exactly?"
"I can't say anymore than you already know Alivia. But I will say this, be careful around here."
"I don't understand...who is this woman?"

Satisfied with what he had done Hector would say nothing more on the matter. Alivia, however, knew that no matter what her life would forever be changed. Hector mysteriously disappeared days later, the Agency has been very hush hush about what happened.


Piazza Girl said...

This is a nice start to your story and I wonder who this wonder who this woman is that she has been dreaming of.

Looking forward to the next update