Friday, March 13, 2015

Starting Over

Olivia was born a healthy bouncing baby girl, only a few short months after the death of Vassar. Peyton is reminded of him every time she looks into her little girl's eyes. And although it has been painful to do this without him she has been managing just fine.

Of course some days are harder than others but with Olivia in her life, she has someone to live for.

Peyton has never been one to believe in luck per say, rather than all things tend to happen for a reason. And whatever that reason is those things are simply meant to be. And as if loosing her husband and raising a child in the public eye wasn't enough she would soon find herself at odds with her misfortune.

Some very bad misfortune to be exact. Just days after Olivia was born and mother and daughter were spending some quality time together the home was struck my a meteor. Causing quite the disastrous blaze. Reports say that Peyton was seen at her mailbox when the meteor hit and that she could be seen rushing into the house to save her little girl.

Peyton avoided yet another loss in her life. Awarding her a spot on the cover of  Showtime magazine. She had this to say:
"You never really know what you have until it's gone. And I was not ready to lose my baby so soon after loosing my husband, I had to act."