Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shifting Sites

So for those of you that follow my humble little blogger blog you might have noticed a decline in posting activity. And this is mainly due to having transported most stuff over to a new website where stories will be updated for the next version of the Going Solo Challenge for me.

This blog will no longer see updates as the new one will in fact take its place but I will leave this up for a while until I have transferred other random things over aside from stories. Like some of the design work that I have done. Once I get motivated enough to do it in the The Sims 4 then I will update on the new site as well.

Another reason for the shift is switching games, after seeing the custom content and modding community had taken off with things to improve the Sims 4 and its gameplay I figured I would give it a try once more. So far I am enjoying it, there are and will always be things I miss about Sims 3 but for now I am pressing on.

Here is a link for the new site, it is still a bit of a work in progress but will features updates for my two new Going Solo challenges. One of which picks up where my last left off, except following the daughter of the founder Peyton Oliander. Hope to see you on the new site and as always...

Happy Simming!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Safekeeping: Ripples in Time

Working for the agency had it perks, at least as far as Alivia was concerned it did. Stellar benefits, great pay and the occasional chance to work from home. All in all it was a sweet opportunity, there were times she often wondered how she had been so lucky. But a quick peek at her accomplishments that had been conviently plastered upon the walls of her modest home put her mind at ease.

All in all life in Oasis Springs seemed to be good, despite the heat of the desert and never ending drought. Things seemed to be going well, at least until the nightmares started. One after another depictions of another life. Sometimes they came in short spurts of what felt like flash backs but these were things she didn't remember doing.

The pieces of the puzzle didn't seem to make sense, nothing was adding up. Was there more to the life she knew? It wasn't until her lunch break at work that things started to come together. Hecter had known Alivia for a few years, he was due to retire soon but the Agency denied him his benefits package. Out of spite he spoke to Alivia, showing her some pictures he'd found of her. The images matched up to the dreams she'd been having.

"That's....Hector what does this all mean exactly?"
"I can't say anymore than you already know Alivia. But I will say this, be careful around here."
"I don't understand...who is this woman?"

Satisfied with what he had done Hector would say nothing more on the matter. Alivia, however, knew that no matter what her life would forever be changed. Hector mysteriously disappeared days later, the Agency has been very hush hush about what happened.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Safekeeping: Prelude

It's not often that someone can say they grew up in the spotlight, and even more rare can they say that they have lived as three different people. Nestled in the quiet town of Oasis Springs lives one such person and her name is Alivia Karnovsky. Or at least it is now.

On the outside Alivia appears to be just a small town girl but due to her parent's occupations she has been in protective custody since she was born. Not even she doesn't know this information. Each time Alivia has been relocated her memories along with everyone else around her are wiped and she is allowed a clean slate.

This most recent change came about when her mother, Agent 054, had a mission go horribly wrong. Not only compromising her life but the life of her unsuspecting daughter. The Agency that employs her parents has been under contract with them since her birth and so long as they stay alive so will Alivia.

And alive is just one way to look at it, as it pertains to the young woman's life. Each move brings about a wipe but none of the challenges presented to an average person who has to pick up their lives and move on. It is unclear if Alivia even houses memories of her parents or if they truly even care for her. Only time will tell....

Let the games begin!

Well it took some time but I am finally going to be restarting the Going Solo Challenge that I fell in love with back in TS3. But this time, after much CC shopping, I will be doing so with TS4. So that means new story, new sims and "new" game! Let the games begin!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

[Short Update] Money cant buy happiness

Being a celeb definitely has its perks. Who wouldn't want notoriety that comes with being known. All around the world sims sending letters of thanks and words of encouragement.

But in truth its never all its cracked up to be. Because with the fame and fortune comes loneliness and despair. A void once filled by Vassar Flume, Peyton's late husband.

Olivia has a special place in her mother's heart, always the happy child and forever a little reminder of her father. It brings Peyton joy to hold her little girl in her arms.

And well sometimes she enjoys the fame and applause.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Starting Over

Olivia was born a healthy bouncing baby girl, only a few short months after the death of Vassar. Peyton is reminded of him every time she looks into her little girl's eyes. And although it has been painful to do this without him she has been managing just fine.

Of course some days are harder than others but with Olivia in her life, she has someone to live for.

Peyton has never been one to believe in luck per say, rather than all things tend to happen for a reason. And whatever that reason is those things are simply meant to be. And as if loosing her husband and raising a child in the public eye wasn't enough she would soon find herself at odds with her misfortune.

Some very bad misfortune to be exact. Just days after Olivia was born and mother and daughter were spending some quality time together the home was struck my a meteor. Causing quite the disastrous blaze. Reports say that Peyton was seen at her mailbox when the meteor hit and that she could be seen rushing into the house to save her little girl.

Peyton avoided yet another loss in her life. Awarding her a spot on the cover of  Showtime magazine. She had this to say:
"You never really know what you have until it's gone. And I was not ready to lose my baby so soon after loosing my husband, I had to act."