Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Sight: The Wedding

It was a day like no other as the sun rose over the vibrant town of Starlight Shore. Peyton Oliander was on her third appointment of the day, she'd spoke with several prospective record labels about her up coming album. Llama Records signed her almost immediately upon hearing a few sample tracks. Needless to say she was more than thrilled about the news. And stopping by the convenient store to grab a few things, only to find a winning lottery ticket was also something that made today special. But of all the things that could possibly make her day more, getting married was on the top of that short list.

Having picked out their favorite spot in all of Starlight, Vassar and Peyton were more than relieved to find a vacancy during the weekend. With his large family and her growing list of friends there would be more than enough space to accommodate everyone. It was truly perfect. 
"The air here is nice.
"Do you think everyone will like it?
"Pey, they'd be fools not to.It's a dream come true."

Despite Peyton's concerns everyone loved the venue she and Vassar chose, it rekindled old flames and sparked ones anew. The couple allowed one photographer to attend the ceremony, this way her fans were kept up to date without overloading the ceremony with an influx of people. When the couple saw Vassar's parents so loving towards one another they couldn't help but wonder, would they too be that way in their old age? And so it was with his parent;'s blessing that Peyton and Vassar wed.

But nothing is ever truly perfect is it? Weddings are symbolic, they carry meaning and the thought of a fresh start and a new life. However not everyone shared in this sentiment, not all who walk among us are truly happy with themselves or their situation. And thus this day was turned sour by one man with a lust in his eyes. One man who wanted Peyton for his own. 



jazen said...

dun...dun...dun... Peyton looked very pretty and I'm glad her day was good despite the one person there. At least he hasn't made a scene. Let's hope They can enjoy a little married bliss for a while.