Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Sight: The Proposal

Vassar and Peyton have been inseparable ever since they started going steady. Some folks around town, as well as Peyton's growing fan base, have taken notice. Every week they go down to the local karoke bar and put on a little show. Vassar believes it to be imperative that Peyton always reach out to her fans and is very supportive of her career.

Needless to say that has more than paid off for the blossoming songstress. And even though she is always on the road performing she and Vassar make time for each other when they can. 

Vassar has quite the demanding career as well, working for the Police Department. He is slated to receive a long awaited promotion and become Chief soon.

One night after a big show in Bridgeport Peyton received a call from Vassar, telling her that she needed to come home soon. 
"Pey you have to come home's important."  
"Is everything okay Vas?"  
"I will explain when you get here."

Worried she frantically packed her things and headed back to Starlight Shores where Vassar would no doubt be waiting for her. She checked her phone once more before the driver stopped, and noticed a voicemail from Vassar. "Hey Pey, meet me at your place. See you soon. Oh and wear something comfortable. Think college dorm." Peyton was a little more than confused by the latest message from him but she did as he asked and threw on her pajamas and waited inside.

Once inside she was greeted by Vassar lovingly, he kissed her softly and spoke in hushed tones. "Do you love me?" She nodded her head and turned to face him, "Of course I do." He laid one more kiss to her lips and dragged her inside. "Then come with me." She giggled and followed him inside, they descended the steps and walked into her bedroom. "Have a seat."

Peyton figured something was up when he knelt before her and took both her hands into his. "From the first day I laid eyes on you Peyton Oliander I knew I loved you. You are on my mind every minute of every day. I live to love you, and without you I would be nothing. So...will you marry me?" She all but squealed in response a gleeful yes and kissed him softly before being pulled to the floor and into his lap.



jazen said... sweet. I'm glad he's so supportive of her career. I hope that remains that way even after they are married.

She certainly picked the right brother. :)

EliRoc said...

Ohh, beautiful proposal! He seems to be a good guy.
I hope they will be a happy couple!