Sunday, May 18, 2014

Things are moving along...

Well since little Miss Anya was new to the neighborhood, she had minimal funding for a home. So I figured why not get some roomates! And to keep things rolling with the CYO Challenge I thought who better than two potential suitors. Since I have such a hard time choosing I'd allow things to happen. {I'm sort of on this whole let's see what happens kick since I play with Free Will maxed}

Finding housemates proved to be rather difficult for a time, that is until Anya moved to the Legacy Island by RFlong's 3rd Legacy Island.

So far she is loving it and having a blast. {Don't mind that there object to the right -cough-}

~So far new roomates Adam and Javed had been rather interesting to have around. ~

~Though Adam's loner trait makes it a bit more difficult to bond with him at any given time.~

Javed on the other hand is rather social and I often find him and Anya enjoying some one on one tome together, they've become good friends.

Javed has dreams of becoming an Acrobat and he is well on his way to achieving that goal. He just went on his first tour.

Anya has also really grown into her magical abilities and fireproofed the entire house.

That's it for now though I think Javed might be the first to make his move.

Because who could say no to this face!

~Happy Simming


Colorist40 said...

I like Javed a lot, but somehow Adam tugs at the heartstrings and I want them to get together. That is one terrific girl and you are right that face is irresistible.

I think this is going to be a great story.

~Octojenn~ said...

It's not too late for Adam though it might take a bit more effort on Anya's part to get the ball moving.