Saturday, May 17, 2014


I am undoubtedly the queen of fresh starts when it comes to the sims game. And as luck would have it no sooner had I taken on the Genetics challenge once more, would it meet it's untimely end. All things considered it had quite the run and rehash several times over. But like most things there was a new challenge come along to take up the mantle and has since become my new source of entertainment with the game. Created by deathxisxlove, a fan of the former series of Gen challenges, the Choose Your Own Challenge is a clever take on the way I play. Allowing me to not only choose a challenge but a mate.

And not unlike myself there are others out there that crave a challenge every now and again. With this you are given over thirty different options to choose from. So choose carefully! There are rules in place so be sure to read them before starting your challenge. Rather than have a separate thread for updates you can simply post your updates within the thread already created for the challenge. And with that I set out with my first sim!

Meet Anya Harris! She is a witch and quite a looker with gorgeous green eyes. It might be a bit difficult to keep the suitors at bay. And speaking of suitors I haven't exactly chosen a mate for her. I'm thinking I might take the same approach I had last time. Let the sim choose through natural in game interaction. For my challenge I chose the You're A Wizard challenge, for obvious reasons. Although Anya likes to do a lot of things in her spare time. Once I've gone through the list I will choose two males to have her meet and let things progress naturally. 

~Happy Simming