Thursday, July 3, 2014

First Sight: The Untimely End

Some people will never truly understand what it means to be happy. So they seek to destroy the happiness of others in any way they can. The Serpent, as he is known in the criminal world, had long since been obsessed with Peyton ever since her career skyrocketed her to fame. One might say he is her number one fan.

When Serpent found out that Peyton was to bed wed, he knew he would have to take matters into his own hands. Sneaking into the ceremony disguised as a bartender would be the easy part but with so many watching and prying eyes it would prove far more difficult to carry out the deed.

With that in mind he put on a show for the bride and groom, and proposed a toast to their undying love. "Till death do you part." He smirked as he held up one glass to Vassar and one for Peyton. Had anyone bothered to look close enough they would notice that the groom's beverage looked very different than his bride's. But with everyone so happy and caught up in the moment it went unnoticed and the couple toasted with their friends and family shortly before cutting the cake.

Things seemed fine for a little while afterwards, the cake was cut and Peyton took the first piece to share with Vassar. With the cake cut the father of the groom cued the music for a first dance. The newlywed walked towards one another and Vassar reached out his hand to take Peyton's into his...but then it him. 

Vassar felt a sharp pain in his chest and by the time he realized what was going on it was far too late. His golden eyes searched Peyton's and he fell to his knees. "VASSAR!"  Peyton rushed towards him as quickly as she could but that glow in his eyes had all but faded.

"No don't speak your brother is calling the for an ambulance."
"I'm dying Pey."
"No don't you dare talk like that!"
"I can feel it...listen. I love you, and today you made me the happiest man."
"But you can't leave...there is something I need to tell you."
Vassar's lips open to ask her what she meant by that but that was when he breathed his last and final breathe. Peyton was beside herself because not only had she lost the love of her life, earlier that day she found out that she was pregnant.

Wedding Album: Vassar and Peyton Flume {Founders}

Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Sight: The Wedding

It was a day like no other as the sun rose over the vibrant town of Starlight Shore. Peyton Oliander was on her third appointment of the day, she'd spoke with several prospective record labels about her up coming album. Llama Records signed her almost immediately upon hearing a few sample tracks. Needless to say she was more than thrilled about the news. And stopping by the convenient store to grab a few things, only to find a winning lottery ticket was also something that made today special. But of all the things that could possibly make her day more, getting married was on the top of that short list.

Having picked out their favorite spot in all of Starlight, Vassar and Peyton were more than relieved to find a vacancy during the weekend. With his large family and her growing list of friends there would be more than enough space to accommodate everyone. It was truly perfect. 
"The air here is nice.
"Do you think everyone will like it?
"Pey, they'd be fools not to.It's a dream come true."

Despite Peyton's concerns everyone loved the venue she and Vassar chose, it rekindled old flames and sparked ones anew. The couple allowed one photographer to attend the ceremony, this way her fans were kept up to date without overloading the ceremony with an influx of people. When the couple saw Vassar's parents so loving towards one another they couldn't help but wonder, would they too be that way in their old age? And so it was with his parent;'s blessing that Peyton and Vassar wed.

But nothing is ever truly perfect is it? Weddings are symbolic, they carry meaning and the thought of a fresh start and a new life. However not everyone shared in this sentiment, not all who walk among us are truly happy with themselves or their situation. And thus this day was turned sour by one man with a lust in his eyes. One man who wanted Peyton for his own. 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Sight: The Proposal

Vassar and Peyton have been inseparable ever since they started going steady. Some folks around town, as well as Peyton's growing fan base, have taken notice. Every week they go down to the local karoke bar and put on a little show. Vassar believes it to be imperative that Peyton always reach out to her fans and is very supportive of her career.

Needless to say that has more than paid off for the blossoming songstress. And even though she is always on the road performing she and Vassar make time for each other when they can. 

Vassar has quite the demanding career as well, working for the Police Department. He is slated to receive a long awaited promotion and become Chief soon.

One night after a big show in Bridgeport Peyton received a call from Vassar, telling her that she needed to come home soon. 
"Pey you have to come home's important."  
"Is everything okay Vas?"  
"I will explain when you get here."

Worried she frantically packed her things and headed back to Starlight Shores where Vassar would no doubt be waiting for her. She checked her phone once more before the driver stopped, and noticed a voicemail from Vassar. "Hey Pey, meet me at your place. See you soon. Oh and wear something comfortable. Think college dorm." Peyton was a little more than confused by the latest message from him but she did as he asked and threw on her pajamas and waited inside.

Once inside she was greeted by Vassar lovingly, he kissed her softly and spoke in hushed tones. "Do you love me?" She nodded her head and turned to face him, "Of course I do." He laid one more kiss to her lips and dragged her inside. "Then come with me." She giggled and followed him inside, they descended the steps and walked into her bedroom. "Have a seat."

Peyton figured something was up when he knelt before her and took both her hands into his. "From the first day I laid eyes on you Peyton Oliander I knew I loved you. You are on my mind every minute of every day. I live to love you, and without you I would be nothing. So...will you marry me?" She all but squealed in response a gleeful yes and kissed him softly before being pulled to the floor and into his lap.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Decisions: Part II

It will come as no surprise that Graysen definitely tried to get back into Peyton's good graces. But she is a smart girl and found out quickly that he not only was he dating her arch nemesis but that they were expecting their first child and just closed on a new home.

She threw herself back into career mode pretty hard, auditioning for gigs here and there and taking whatever money she could simply for the sake of getting her name out there. Her shows were sold out every night and she'd gotten rave reviews. Not quite close to stardom but getting there.

Late one night after a big show, Vassar decided to come clean about his feelings. He'd made sure to stay for the entire sure but couldn't manage to get backstage. He figured this would be his opportunity. After several hours passed he saw her and emotions were high. His heart was pounding against his chest and breathing was heavy.

At first she didn't know how to take it. The one friend that had always been by her side and been the one she could confide in the most was head over heels madly in love with her. There was silence between them for a long time, her eyes meet his and he decided to do something to break that silence.

After all this time he could not hold back any longer, and what could possibly happen? She'd say no, he'd go on without her as he had done for so many years now. But he just had to try and see if she felt the same, this was possibly his last chance to come clean.

Much to his surprise she was overwhelmed with joy and told him that she cared deeply for him but wasn't sure if he felt the same. "I've always loved you Peyton Oliander."
"And I you, Vassar Flume."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Decisions:Part I

The days and nights of singing for countless sims and for numerous reasons seemed like they'd never come to an end. Not that Peyton worried much about that, she had the opportunity to do what she loved most, perform. Even though it was in the smallest way possible she'd felt that she touched many with her gift.

No matter where she went there was always song to be played, or written for that matter. Soon she would amass enough songs to possible have her own album. The local record companies told her she had the talent, now all she needed was material. With that in mind Peyton continued on her journey to become a Singing Superstar.

It was a typical sunny afternoon and the color of the leaves had started to change. Mint greens soon became burnt oranges and the days were much cooler than they'd been since the beginning of summer. Fall had always been Peyton's favorite season. After countless hours of writing she'd finally written a new love song called, "Love Comes Seasonally." In the park she belted out her tune for tips, any little bit helped towards her goal. And that was when she saw him.....or them rather.

Vassar Flume, youngest of the Flume line. He was a rather unimpressive looking guy as far as his clothing and style but there was something almost mesmerizing about those eyes. Almost peering into your soul when he'd look your way. The word around town was that he was very much an eligible bachelor, his investments landed him a stellar career as VP of the Langraab Industries with a heavy interest in science.

Graysen Flume, elder brother of Vassar Flume and heir to the family's vast fortune. With both parent's terribly ill the majority of the their investments were now his responsibility. Both brother's, while  loving to one another have a bit of a competitive streak between them. So when they saw Peyton Oliander, again, after all these years the games would undoubtedly begin once more.

Peyton had attended University with the Flume brothers and found herself in a bit of a predicament when Vassar and Graysen took to fighting over her. It not only jeopardized her friendship with Vassar but made Graysen incredibly jealous. Vassar had always had a crush on Peyton but was far too shy to say anything about it.

His brother, on the other hand, had always been very charismatic and a smooth talker. And even though Vassar warned her, the two ended up dating in college briefly. Which of course was short lived die to Graysen been a ladies man. But Peyton never stopped caring for either of them. She dropped out of college to pursue her dreams of some day becoming a singer.

Vassar decided to make his move first, since the last time he didn't have the courage and had to watch her date his brother. The pair have been inseparable and picked up their friendship right where they left off as if no time had passed since college. Peyton had never truly known his feelings for her, and simply thought them to be best friends. But Vassar had a plan this time.

But just like he had in the past, Graysen got the jump on him and surprised Peyton with a visit. I was a welcome surprise and despite their past together she could help but wonder how things could have been.

Poor Peyton isn't sure what to do. Will Vassar ever come clean about his feelings before Graysen steps in again? Or will Peyton foolishly fall for him once more?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Sight

With the untimely death of her parents the youngest and only surviving Oliander made her way to the big city in hopes of achieving her dreams. Peyton aspires to be a singer, every minute of every day is spent practicing. 

And although her apartment is unfurnished she has her guitar and her music. Her job isn't the most glamorous but it pays the bills and keeps a roof over her head. 

And working in the local coffee shop on the weekends definitely has it's benefits.

And then she met him....