Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Chapter, Same Book!

Well it happens to the best of us, you play for a couple of hours and make a tremendous amount of progress. Then just when you get so enthralled with the ongoing stories and what not of your sims life the game crashes to desktop. At this point you may be raging at your computer and thinking, "Crap all that progress...gone." And yes I was there, as you can see from my previous update I had chosen a starter couple. But all good things must come to an end and I decided to start over yet again. This time with the couple that was a close second.

Yes Nile and Ariela had a bit of a rough patch during their time in college. But after some time apart they met up again at a local coffee shop and things were back to the way they were. Much to my surprise they put the past behind them and decided to give their relationship a try once more.

And well lets face it with a face like Nile's what girl could say no, he is very charismatic after all and has something of a nice foothold in the community. But Ariela seems to care little for things of the sort and just missed him.

The pair wasted no time finding a humble abode within the up and coming neighborhood of Starlight Shores. A moderately sized two bedroom two and a half bath, the pair seems to be settling in quite nicely.