Sunday, March 18, 2012

Genetics Studies

Here at the lab our scientists have been hard at work since creating Ebony and Ivory, two exemplary specimens. After years of hard work, dedication and determination they have created more fine sims.

Shades of Love is a new genetics challenge over at TS3, run by my dear friend Amadazulsim. And before you say "Oh brother another genetics challenge, how is it different?" Well let me give you the short and sweet answer! In this challenge simmers get the luxury to choose from a of couples or founders, something that has not been offered before. Once you've chosen your founder couple you have to move them into a pre-chosen home, its tiny but you are allowed to make renovations once your family expands. Also goals have been added! Simmers have a set list of goals to complete, choosing only one per generation and completing it by the time that generation ends. And to top it all of there are 20 sims to choose from and you can pick anyone you want as a potential mate for your heir! Sound fun? Well click the link below and head on over to TS3 and join in!