Monday, February 6, 2012

Extreme Make-Over Sims 3

So I have decided to give myself a huge project! I was recently playing the sims with the recently engaged Ebony and Ivory and was so appalled with the selection of homes they had to chose from in Sunset Valley. Home after home they looked either had the worst interiors imaginable or the layout of the house wasn't very functional.

I usually spend the majority of my time re-imagining beautiful spaces for my sims as I want them to live happy lives. As I was re-designing their new starter home I decided why not do that for all the sims of Sunset Valley?
And that leads me to the Sims Edition of Extreme home make-over. (love that show btw)

I am also going to incorporate a bit of story-telling into so it's no so monotonous. So I am going to steal the idea from am HGTV show called Battle on the block.