Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pose Review!

Cute Kid Poses by traelia

I've only messed with a few of the poses but here are my top 2! This is Asher from my genetics challenge

 Overall I love these poses..... 10 out 10 :-) They come in a "pose pack" so there are a few more to try out but these are my favorites. The OMSP definitely helps out when placing sims on things like beds and tables. So if you are going to get the poses that mod is a must. Just also be aware that after using pose player your sims needs will become static. For some that may be a good thing but not everyone likes it. Well that's it for now...... Happy Simming!


Heckstress17 said...

Aw! Super cute!

Chelsey Jayy said...

These are cute poses. Great review!